Websites & Digital Marketing

Grow & establish your business' online presence. has partnered with the digital marketing and design experts at SCB Video TV Marketing to provide our clients with the highest quality services.

How can we help?

You’ve worked hard to build your business and we want to help take it further. Not only can we get you into people’s mailboxes but we help to increase the likelihood that they will find you online! When you sign up for digital marketing or design services from SCB Video TV Marketing you will receive a free upgrade to your ad in magazine.

Website Design

Our web design partners can create a beautiful website that helps promote your business to your local market using the latest technology and is also mobile friendly.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is used to make your website show up in search engines, such as Google, when potential clients search for keywords.


Using paid ad systems like Google Ads or Facebook Ads allows you to reach an established market with a pre-determined weekly or monthly budget. Digital Marketing Upgrade Packages

If you purchase a website or digital marketing services with Sevenwired you are eligible for a free upgrade with The upgrade options consist of postcard mailouts as well as magazine ad upgrades. Not only are you covering your online marketing with a new website or search engine optimization, but you are also including off-line marketing as well with the massive mailout capabilities of magazine and postcard deliverability. Now’s the best time to use this “1, 2 Punch” to knock out your competition!


25,000 Postcard Mailing

You can have 25,000 postcards mailed over the next 12 months to any zip code(s) you would like. The amazing graphic designer at will create an eye catching postcard that can be mailed out to specific areas to help promote your business. You determine the quantity and location!


12 Full Page Ads in Magazine

Your business will receive a full page ad in Magazine for 12 months. If you’re an existing customer your current ad size will be upgraded to a full page ag. If your current ad size is a full page it will be doubled.


10,000 Postcard Mailing and 6 Half Page ads

You can have 10,000 postcards mailed over the next 12 months to any zip code(s) you would like, as well as receive 6 half page ads in magazine. Imagine the impact your business will have with this amazing upgrade!