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Let TheShopper.net show you how America’s most cost effective advertising medium can help your business”. TheShopper.net reaches more than 80,000 homes over a two month period across multiple markets, TheShopper.net can tailor your message to YOUR markets and deliver it effectively and efficiently.

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» Individual Solo Mailers (DAL cards)

DAL Cards

Target your audience directly with TheShopper.net DAL Cards. At the time of the mailing TheShopper.net we can mail a 5”x9” postcard, Full Color, for only 13¢ each*.  INCLUDES PRINTING & POSTAGE.

*Minimum 10,000 homes.






» Inserts

Only 8¢ each. Customize your ad by inserting only into those carrier routes surrounding your business.






» Postcard Advertising

Advertising a specific product or service could never be easier. Working with TheShopper.net, our clients recognize immediately that they are working with professionals with many years of experience in the direct advertising industry. TheShopper.net is a full service advertising/marketing operation with many different design and print options available. Contact TheShopper.net today and let our experts help you craft your next direct postcard mailout.