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Direct mail distribution is definitely the most effective way to target and reach consumers. However, it can be expensive on an individual basis. TheShopper.net gives you, the advertiser, the benefit of direct mail at a very affordable advertising rate. Do it for pennies or less per household. Find out how TheShopper.net Can save you money while getting your message out to your client base.

Most local business patrons come from nearby neighborhoods. Most consumers shop within 8 to 10 miles of their home. With our many strategically mapped mailing areas, local businesses will advertise to local consumers and won’t experience any wasted ad dollars on people unlikely to travel for their products.

TheShopper.net targets your customers using income, home value and age data. Our list also has the consumers name in 85% of the time. Personalizing your ad has proven higher impact. Our targeted approach gives you the ability to reach prospects with the means to purchase your products and/or services.

Our high quality glossy paper makes it the perfect environment for you to stand out from the competition and showcase your message for the highest level of impact with your targeted customers.

85% of all TheShopper.net issues are read by two or more people in a household. Because it’s a magazine, TheShopper.net is treated like one. Consumers return to it and read it repeatedly. Its shelf life lasts up to eight weeks in the home. That gives your message repeat exposure. And, thus, more time to generate responses



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